Jorge “Scooby” Sanchez

jorgeWith over 10 years of experience in capacity training, exercise science, and sports nutrition, Coach Scooby has the knowledge and skills to train athletes of all fitness levels. A former United States Marine, he is also a NSCA/NFPT certified strength and conditioning specialist, a corrective exercise specialist, a CrossFit level 1 certified instructor, and a CrossFit Olympic lift certification instructor. He combines his military training, knowledge of nutrition, and performance training to help each client achieve his or her full potential while maximizing sports performance and injury prevention through the Athlete EGO Strength and Conditioning Program.






Chad Murphy

chadA Florida native, Chad has been heavily involved with fitness his whole life. He started training as a youth in Jacksonville where he was blessed with a great mentor, his father, Frank Murphy. By the age of six, Chad was studying juai kung fu, Chinese kempo, tai chi, senshi ryu jujitsu, and kickboxing with his father. In high school, Chad was a standout multisport athlete. As a football player, he received All-State honors and was heavily recruited by division 1 schools. He eventually took his talents to the University of Northern Alabama where he enjoyed a successful college football career before returning to South Florida. Since then, he has been working in the fitness industry managing gyms in the Miami area. Chad has found Crossfit and it has changed his life. He is a Level 1 certified CrossFit and Gymnastics coach.





Emmanuel Smith

e_smithEmmanuel Smith found CrossFit in 2011 and never looked back. He always believed in establishing perfect movement and bridging the gap between orthopedically sound movement and high intensity training has been a passion of his for some time. There is nothing more rewarding, or with more ability to expose you than CrossFit.“Show me what you do during a WOD and I can tell you exactly who you are” He is a level 1 Crossfit coach.









Cristine Bagiotti

christineChristine Bagiotti is from Hollywood, Florida. She has been part of the Fitness Industry since 2003. Christine takes pride in her level of responsibilities that she gives to clients. She possesses the ability to work with clients that range from athletes to the general public of all ages and fitness levels. Certified under Chief Instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline, as a Level II RKC Instrutor in proper Russian kettlebell training has allowed her to host many workshops and help promote kettlebell training in the state of Florida. She is a Level I Crossfit Instructor and certified CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor as well.





Danielle Llopiz

d_llopizDanielle has been a competitor since a young age. Danielle played soccer and water polo throughout high school. Danielle attained her B.S in Exercise Science from Ithaca College where she was a four year collegiate rower. While rowing for Ithaca College she helped her team go to NCAA championships 3 years in a row where they respectably placed 2nd in 2006 and 4th in 2008. Danielle began her Crossfit journey in April 2010. After trying out several boot camps she found Crossfit and was instantly hooked. She first competed at a local competition about 8 months later and knew that this would be her next athletic endeavor. Danielle trains out of Miami, FL 5-6 days a week. Danielle coaches twice a week and loves empowering women to lift heavy and push themselves and help them through their journey.



Matt Cameron

m_cameronMatt is originally from Middletown Ct and currently works in the field of higher education as a university administrator here in South Florida. He has been involved in sports and fitness his entire life. He has been doing CrossFit for two years, and is a CrossFit level 1 certified instructor. “CrossFit has been a significant enhancement in my life. It’s fundamentals translate very well into my daily life. Crossfit and those I train with have become integral pieces of my daily life. Whether you are looking for better overall health, stress relief or to compete, crossfit can be an amazing addition to enhance you as a person.”





Dannia Davis

d_davisBorn and raised in sunny Miami, FL, Dannia is currently a student at MDC pursuing her future as a Physical Therapist. When she is not burying her nose in school books, Dannia is at Athlete EGO enjoying the sound of the barbells dropping on the platform. Presently a competitor and an intern, Dannia has found a new goal to accomplish—to become a Crossfit coach. Two years ago she walked into Athlete EGO and it was by far the best decision Dannia has ever made. “I found my passion.” As an athlete, Crossfit has come equipped with a plethora of valuable lessons, it has altered Dannia’s life immensely and now she gets to witness the growth from a different perspective, watching others become stronger both physically and mentally. “I absolutely love everything about it—the dedication, the drive, the camaraderie, the discipline, the triumphant feeling of progression and the family-like relationships that are built.”



Frank Murphy

frankFrank Murphy has been part of the fitness industry for fifty years. Frank grew up playing football and other sports. At the age of 17, he joined the US Army as a recon scout. While in the army, Frank continued to play football and started boxing. After his military career, Frank became heavily involved in martial arts. In 1987, Frank opened his first gym in Jacksonville, FL. Since then, Frank has owned and operated US 1 Fitness Center in North Miami. Jorge “Scooby” Sanchez introduced CrossFit to Frank and US 1 Fitness in 2010. CrossFit continues to offer Frank that competitive edge that all athletes look for. Frank’s goal is to have one of the best CrossFit and athletic training facilities possible and to be a reminder that anyone can train hard and get great results, regardless of age.